Moorhead man penned letter to the drugs that killed him

Toward the end of a three-month stay at a drug treatment facility, Zach Spieker wrote a letter to the opiates that bedeviled him, Fargo Forum reports.

A few months later, Spieker died from an overdose of heroin and Fentanyl in East Grand Forks, Minn., the first of several victims of heroin in the Fargo-Moorhead area, from which Spieker moved to try to get away from the drug dealers.

Dear Opiates: This is something I’ve been meaning to say to you for the longest time, so here goes.

You once were the most important thing in the world to me. I would do anything and everything for you. I lied for you, stole for you, neglected my needs for you and tossed friends and family aside for you. I was blinded by your warmth and touched by your beauty.

I was your slave and you were my succubus, draining me of my sparkle, eating my soul, turning me into a shell of myself, turning me into a monster– a monster that would do anything and everything just to feel that warmth only you could give me.

But now I see you for who you really are, and I must cut you from my life like a gangrene infected limb. You were never good to me and I see this now. You tricked me into believing that we could be together, but I see past your lies and see you for what you really are– the devil. You never loved me like I loved you. All you did was take my money, respect, dignity, morals and you pissed on them.

So this is goodbye, once and for all, goodbye to all that comes with you, the lying, the stealing, the deceiving, the sickness, the worry, the guilt and the shame. I never want to see you again. Stay away from me and my loved ones. I have finally found happiness again and not a false happiness, the likes of which you gave me.

You have cost me so much. Thousands of dollars, trust and respect from my loved ones, and most of all, you have taken one of my best friends away from me and there is no getting him back. So from the bottom of my heart, I want to say (expletive) you.

Sincerely, Zach Spieker

P.S. I’m telling everyone I can how evil you truly are and hopefully you will one day be alone.

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