In his New York Times column, Stones, Notre Dame professor Gary Gutting considers whether everyone should be urged to vote, considering, he says, that there is ample evidence that the majority does not rule.

Even when large majorities of people favor policy change in America, they generally do not get it, he writes of some still-inconclusive research. “If you’re one of the many who are convinced that our system is effectively an oligarchy, why play in an electoral game you think has been rigged?”
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NPR listeners heard an interview this week that pretty well shows the challenge a radio host is faced with when an interview takes a sudden turn.

On Morning Edition on Wednesday, the morning after the New York primary, host David Greene was interviewing Carl Paladino, an honorary co-chairman of Donald Trump’s New York campaign, about the Trump victory the night before. Read more

There should be an alternative for a veteran with PTSD than a cell. But when Joe Serna, 41, a former Special Forces member who has been awarded three Purple Hearts, appeared in a court, North Carolina District Court Judge Lou Olivera didn’t have a lot of choice when Serna admitted he lied about a recent urine test. He sentenced him to a day in jail.
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