A hug for Kris Dunn

If you have any heart at all, the newest member of the Minnesota Timberwolves is the kind of person you want to hug.

There’s a big payday ahead for Kris Dunn, who was selected by Minnesota in the first round of the NBA draft last night.

Dunn had a childhood no child on the planet should have. And he survived.

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When he was 1, his mother grabbed the kids and ran to Virginia. Their father couldn’t find them and the courts were no help. When mom was jailed for months, they were alone.

They stopped attending school because they feared they could be separated by the foster care system.

He played one-on-one basketball against older kids for cash.

It was eight years before their father found them and rescued them.

“I was very intrigued to meet my father,” Dunn told USA Today. “I wanted someone who could teach me how to be a man. Just having a father figure around, someone that I could just talk to about any situation. Having that relationship that fathers and sons should definitely have.”

Their mom has since died and Dunn is now in Minnesota. But it’s clear he won’t ever forget where home is.