Man with ALS pens a note to himself


“I am happy. And I am about to die.”

So began Chris Rosati’s “Note to Self” on CBS this morning.

Rosati has ALS.

You will focus on what you love, making people smile.

You’ll discover the best way to make people happy is by helping them make others feel happy. That can make you feel alive – even when you feel like you are dying.

And the girls, they will be okay. They will be shaped by the journey, but they won’t be defined by it. They’re learning that the best way to live is to give, to worry less, and when we do what we love, we can do more than we ever imagined.

ALS may kill you, but it will make them better.

Rosati isn’t the first person with ALS to declare himself “the luckiest man on earth.”

A few years ago, he pursued a dream of stealing a doughnut truck.

How’s your day going?