After bad job of parking, man pulls a gun at gas station

There’s a little something for everybody in the Pioneer Press story about the arrest of a man who allegedly pointed a gun at a person at a gas station on Sunday evening.

It happened after Benyam Figa Dalu parked in the way of a 54-year-old man in the postage-stamp-sized SuperAmerica on West Seventh Street in St. Paul.

The man voiced his displeasure and we were off and running.

When the older man told Dalu that he shouldn’t have parked there, Dalu “became upset,” pulled a handgun from under the passenger’s seat of his car, and walked around his car to point it at the man’s chest, charges said.

The cops found him — the older man had phoned in a license plate — and his gun, and the hollow point bullets, which were inserted backwards.

Dalu says he felt threatened by the older man. That’s why he pulled the gun.

“Why didn’t you call the police,” the police asked, at which time Dalu provided the crowning exclamation point on the story.

Dalu answered that it was “church time.”