Celebrating the freedom to trash America

A Grand Forks, N.D., area man isn’t getting a lot of sympathy for his complaint about the trash people left by the side of the road just outside the city limits the other night. That might explain a lot about why people feel empowered to leave their garbage in the ditches.

“We try not to spend a lot of time or money on it,” Nick West, a Grand Forks County highway department engineer, tells the Grand Forks Herald in reaction to Brad Beauchamp’s complaint about all the fireworks detritus. He says the county will probably just mow over it.

“It wasn’t just a few things laying around,” Beauchamp said. “This was like several thousand dollars of fireworks that were just left. These were shot off and then people literally just drove away.”

If people are upset about the trash, the county official told the paper, they can pick it up.

Beauchamp says next year he’s going to take pictures of the pigs.

NoDak being NoDak?


The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office yesterday tweeted this. Fifteen bags of trash and garbage were pulled out of Lake Minnetonka yesterday, thrown in by the party boaters celebrating what makes the country great.

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