Flight delayed? Pull up a floor

We’ve said it before but we say it again: No industry works as hard to alienate its customers as the airline industry does.

Delta issued an update to its anticipated operations this morning:

Here are key things to know today:

1. Delta will start the Wednesday operation with a little over 150 systemwide cancellations after roughly 800 flights were canceled Tuesday. Teams across the airline continued work during the overnight hours to bring an end to the impact of Monday’s outage that disrupted operations.

2. Technology systems that allow airport customer service agents to process check-ins, conduct boarding and dispatch aircraft are functioning normally with the bulk of delays and cancellations coming as a result of flight crews displaced or running up against their maximum allowed duty period following the outage.

3. Customers traveling today should check the status of their flight at delta.com or the Fly Delta App. Customers can rebook their flight via the website.

4. Delta’s travel waiver has been extended to August 10 and the airline has continued to provide hotel vouchers to several thousand customers, including more than 2,300 Tuesday night in Atlanta.

5. Through 12 p.m. ET Wednesday, Delta will extend its offer of compensation to customers significantly affected by delays or cancellations. Many customers have already been contacted by Delta agents.

6. Unaccompanied minors will again be allowed to travel on Delta Wednesday following a temporary stay during the height of the disruption.

The company reportedly is offering $200 travel vouchers to those inconvenienced by Delta’s computer failures, a woefully inadequate response.

(h/t: Brian Bakst)