Man stuck in outhouse while trying to retrieve cellphone

You’ve dropped your cellphone into the toilet. Now what do you do?

Here’s an image released by the Dramen Regional Fire Department in Norway that tells us pretty much all we ever want to know about Cato Berntsen Larsen, a 20-year-old man who got stuck in a portable toilet, an outhouse as it were.


But here’s what makes the story particularly intriguing: The cellphone wasn’t Larsen’s and he’s not the one who dropped it in. A friend did.

So he did what any friend would do when someone drops a phone in the loo. Agreeing that he was the only one of them thin enough to retrieve it, he jumped in.

“I did not think twice,” Mr Berntsen Larsen said. Clearly true, sir.

That’s when he got stuck.

“I panicked. I hate confined spaces. It was difficult to move,” he told a Norwegian newspaper of the accommodations.

It took authorities about 10 minutes to get him out.

He did not get the phone.

(h/t: Nancy Yang)