Clown terror sweeps nation

We’re not exactly Ground Zero when it comes to clowns but Minnesota is, nonetheless, well represented in the sudden, weird fascination with dressing up as a clown and frightening the landscape merely by being a clown.

We’ve had the occasional clown sighting on these pages before, of course, but now it’s become the 2016 version of the Macarena. Everyone is doing it for no good reason without consideration for how stupid it is.

Take Penn State early this morning when a report of a clown sighting sent America’s future leaders to the street in the hope that they could check “beat the snot out of a clown” off their still-fresh bucket lists.

There are no similar reactions in Minnesota that we’re aware of but we do note that a Twitter account to document the nation’s clown sightings has a few from flyover country.

Possibly? Sure. As in possibly not.

It’s only a matter of time before someone shoots a clown.

[Update 12:16 p.m.]- Farmington’s police chief invites a clown to lunch.