A coffee cup will unite us

We might be asking a little more of something that we’re going to throw in the trash than what Starbucks has in mind.

But here we are at another (almost) holiday season and people are opining on the latest holiday coffee cup from Starbucks.

Why, yes, of course that has every chance in the world at uniting us.

Certainly more than last year’s which, from the initial reaction, appears to have been singularly responsible for dividing us in the first place by taking the entire holiday theme out of the cup and leaving it nothing but a red blob of anarchy and hate.


The red is gone now and — surprise! — some people aren’t happy about it.

On Reddit, a user, apparently a Starbucks employee, posted what appears to be a red cup that might yet be unveiled.


Drink up, people! We’ve got some serious uniting to do, still. We’re all connected. Except for those red-cup people.