It was ‘beyond football’ when Vinny scored a touchdown

We never tire of these moments when America’s kids show that what old-timers often think about them is dead wrong.

Exhibit A today comes from Fair Oaks, Calif., where Del Campo High School was ahead by six touchdowns as the clock was running out.

Sharon Props, Del Campo’s athletic director, saw Vinny Torrice, a special-needs student — he has Down Syndrome — suited up on the sideline for East Union High School.

She told her coach, who called a timeout to huddle up with East Union’s coach.

What happened next is what needs to happen more often. Everyone stopped thinking about themselves

Says the Sacramento Bee

East Union players said they never viewed Torrice as a special-needs kid. They saw him only as a teammate. And Del Campo players didn’t see Torrice as an opponent who has Down syndrome but rather as an inspiration.

How can anyone think about being lazy when Torrice appreciates every bit of every day?

“We can’t,” said Del Campo quarterback Tyler Dimino, the coach’s son. “That play was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and it shows how much this game means and can bring people together.

“I talked to Vinny after the game, and he said, ‘Thank you!’ I thanked him. He was the happiest kid I’ve ever seen. He’s going to remember that moment for the rest of his life, and we’ll remember it, too.”

“I had no clue (this was going to happen),” Vic Torrice, Vinny’s father, told The Record of Stockton. “I’m still shaking. I never dreamt of this for my son.”

Herrera praised coach Dimino and Del Campo after the game, saying, “They just showed so much respect. It was awesome.”

Vic Torrice said players from both sides “are heroes” to his son.

Torrice’s touchdown run will long be remembered.

“To see his face, you can’t help but feel happiness for him, and seeing all the things I’ve seen in my life (working for the California Highway Patrol), awful things you never want people to see, it was special,” coach Dimino said. “After the game, both teams did a prayer.

“There were no white or red or blue jerseys. We were one, together. It was beyond football. These were the best moments of our season.”

The final score was Del Campo something and East Union something else.