Distracted driving is here to stay

The Minnesota State Patrol published a video today in an effort to try to call attention to the problem with distracted driving, a problem which everyone already knows about but continues to do anyway.

Efforts to crack down on distracted driving are pointless now, as evidenced by the fact that opponents of a bill to do so at the Minnesota Capitol this year equated what you see in the video with freedom. It’s part of the culture and there’s no going back.

The video of the driver exercising their god-given right to plow into another car was taken on Saturday on Highwaty 63 between Rochester and Millville, according to the Patrol’s Facebook page.

We’re taken with the number of dashcam videos that are popping up in the United States now, a practice previously confined to other lawless countries.

(Video link)

The video could’ve been worse, of course. It could’ve been like the Instagram feed of a California woman, who was livestreaming on Instagram as she drove and lost control of her car. She didn’t stop when her sister was dying by the side of the road. Nothing stops the show.