The freedom to drive poorly

Surely there can be little doubt by now that using a cellphone while driving isn’t safe no matter how much we try to convince ourselves we’re different.

The brain has a hard time doing two things at once and this was true even when cellphones were just phones.

So our eyebrows were raised when we read MPR News’ Brian Bakst’s description of a bipartisan effort at the Capitol to limit phone use to hands-free operation.

“In terms of a message we want to send through this bill to Minnesota, it’s simply this: Put this down. Put it away when you’re driving,” he said.

OK, but why not just ban their use outright if that’s the ultimate goal?

Maybe that idea won’t go over so well, judging by the reaction of Sen. Warren Limmer who seemed to speak for the likely opponents.

“They like their freedom,” Limmer said of the people who almost killed you recently.

And nothing says “let freedom ring!” like driving into a ditch.

So this video from the Wall St. Journal today caught our interest and sparked our questions.

It shows, for example, a woman using a GPS to get to work. Who needs a GPS to get to work?

She added “brush my teeth” to her “to do” list via Alexa. You’re driving, ma’am. Start brushing. Because: freedom!