Gadgets, parents killed Creative Kidstuff toy store

We’re guessing there aren’t a lot of well-raised adults in these parts who didn’t grow up with at least something from Creative Kidstuff, the Twin Cities toy stores whose philosophy was “play is joyful, educational, creative and inspiring.”

But that was before smartphones and iPads.

Today, CEO Roberta Bonoff told employees — about 150 of them — that the stores will close this summer after a liquidation sale that starts today.

The store was founded by a woman who started her own store in 1982 because she couldn’t find the right toys for her kids. The chain has been sold or transferred several times since then.

Who to blame for the demise? How about parents?

“When electronic toys hit the market it changed everything, but so has the amount of money that parents have to spend on kids toys,” Bonoff tells the Star Tribune. “Parents today divert more money to iPads, cellphones, sports and lessons.”

That’s the way it is with retail. If people want local stores with quality products, they have to shop and support the local stores with quality products. In the end, we get the marketplace we create.

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