Don’t throw the ball back!

There are really only two ways to enjoy the World Series. One is to actually buy a ticket and be at the game. The other is to to work the third shift somewhere and watch it on TV.

Once again last night — or was it this morning? — the game ended with late action in a 13-to-12 Houston victory over the Dodgers.

Time of the game: Five hours, 17 minutes. And it’s unlikely the people in the Twin Cities who stayed ’til the end are the same people who got up early to watch the Vikings’ game from London on Sunday morning.

There’s a lot to dislike about the sport besides the length of the game these days.

But this is high on the list: Fans who throw an opposition homer back, especially when they’re not the one who caught it.

It was the top of the ninth, when Yasiel Puig hit a two-run homer in the ninth, an inning in which the Dodgers scored three to tie the game and erase a sure Houston victory at the moment.

Sarah Head caught the ball. Kirk Head, her brother-in-law, reached around his brother to throw it back, the Houston Chronicle says.

“I just would have liked to have been able to throw it back myself,” Sarah said.

Kirk said he didn’t have the patience to wait on Sarah, especially with his Astros in the process of blowing a three-run lead.

“It’s bad karma to keep it,” Kirk said. “You’ve got to throw it back. I was just making sure she did.”

The Astros are one game away from winning the Series, which moves back to Los Angeles.

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