After saluting vets, football fans throw flag down with the trash

The Green Bay Packers paid tribute to veterans during their game on Monday night, giving away American flags to everyone streaming into the stadium.

Many of the flags ended up on the ground.

Veterans — and at least one Detroit Lines fan — recognized the problem and picked up as many of them as they could.

Tegan Griffith, of Stevens Point, a Marine, tells the story to WTMJ.

“We started noticing people leaving (flags) on the ground, next to food wrappers and beer cups,” Griffith explained. “We found a couple on the bathroom floor. The veterans I was with started to get a little upset.”

After the game, the flags were seen everywhere.

“It looked like red, white, and blue confetti,” described Phil Olson, a season ticker holder. “People were walking all over them. It struck me as unpatriotic.”

After the game, both Olson and Griffith told WTMJ they spotted several fans picking up the extra flags.

“I’m going to tell the Packers they they shouldn’t hand out flags because it’s the wrong venue,” Olson said. “Every game, the Packers will give out a souvenir with the Packers logo on it. Everybody takes the (souvenir) home. But after this game, hardly anybody wanted the American flag.”