Sexual harassment firings a ‘reckoning that had to happen’

Like their counterparts at CBS This Morning last week, the remaining hosts of NBC’s Today Show this morning tackled the firing of their co-host — in this case Matt Lauer — up front.

Unlike last week’s CBS reaction to their crisis, however, this one — from Savannah Guthrie — seemed much less scripted and even much more personal.

“How do you reconcile your love for someone with the revelation that they behaved, badly?” she asked.

She didn’t know the answer, but she said the reckoning of sexual harassment in the workplace “had to happen.”

There will be the usual analysis, and possibly rationalization surrounding the latest revelation.

But WCCO morning host Jason DeRusha cut to the chase with the only question that really matters:

There is now just one male anchor left in broadcast network morning TV. Because, apparently, it is.