Who killed Lou?

We are generally not given to pitchforks and posses, but we’ll gladly make an exception to hunt down “Kevin” like a dog and bring him to justice.

Kevin is the nom de plume of the man who said he kidnapped Jason and Shannon Davis’ dog, Lou, in December in Delano, City Pages reports.

Kevin called the family more than a dozen times, first promising to return the dog, then becoming increasingly more paranoid that the family would turn him in. In the last phone call, he said he would run Lou over with his car.

He didn’t. He shot Lou instead.

We have some very sad news on Lou. Based on a tip from someone following our story, I was led to an island this morning…

Posted by Jason Davis on Thursday, March 1, 2018

The civilized world will put up with a lot of incidents of savagery. But killing a dog isn’t one of them.

(h/t: Amy Rea)