Target says it’s fired an employee over ‘OK to be white’ cards in diapers

On Tuesday, we posted that Target was investigating complaints that customers buying diapers at Targets in Washington, D.C., Florida and Tennessee had recently found white laminated index cards in their order containing a slogan linked to white supremacist groups.

The company late Tuesday emailed a statement saying that its investigation of the matter led to the firing of a Target “team member.” Here’s the statement:

We sincerely apologize to guests who received an inappropriate message in their Target purchase and thank them for calling it to our attention. After being made aware of the situation, we immediately launched a thorough investigation to address the concerns and put a stop to it.

We have identified the source, and given this is a violation of our policies and our commitment to inclusivity, terminated the team member.

The company did not provide any other details. We’ve asked for more information but the company said the statement is its only comment on the situation “at this time.”

The website Know Your Meme has details on the origins of “It’s OK to be white.”