Target app raises prices when you walk into a store

After a KARE 11 investigation, Target says it’s changing its app to make clear that the price displayed for an item is different depending on whether you buy it in the store or buy it online.

But it still doesn’t quite explain the practice of why the retailer was increasing prices the closer you got to the store. [Update: Target says it doesn’t.]

KARE says its investigation started after a viewer bought an electric razor for $100, the noticed it went to $70 on the app when she got back to her car.

The station tested 10 items and found four of them went up in price when entering the store.

The goal appears to be to show you a lower price on the app to get you to go to the store to buy it, then charge you more once you’re committed to buying it. Why anyone is driving around looking at a shopping app is another story, but apparently people are doing that.

Target says its app will now be more clear when displaying prices, indicating whether they are online or in-store prices.

But Target says it will still change the displayed prices when people walk into the store, according to KARE.