What it’s like to be a woman in TV

Many people in the media get a fair amount of feedback from the audience that’s fair game. But when it comes to assaults by cowardly knuckleheads, women are the primary targets.

What are you thinking, fellas?

What are you thinking @TiXiong13, who last evening got called out — and appropriately so — by Dawn Mitchell, the sports anchor and reporter at Fox 9 News.

What would compel a person to offer such an assessment?

It is not, most women in TV will tell you, uncommon.

After the pushback, @tixiong13, an embarrassment to confident and kind men, has made his Twitter account private. Of course.

Men rallied to Mitchell’s defense, assuring her that she’s gorgeous, which rather misses the point.

Mitchell was covering the Vikings NFL draft, during which the team drafted Mike Hughes, who was dismissed from North Carolina after sexual assault allegations didn’t yield criminal charges.