Heckin good dogs grown right here in Minnesota

It started with a tweet from our very own Nancy Yang, of her heckin good boy Mickey:

It was retweeted just a minute later by everyone’s favorite advocate for Minnesotan primacy, Indignant Minnesotan. In the tweet, they asked for other people’s #MinnesotaPup pictures, promising to retweet the ones sent in.

A little under 24-hours later and that tweet had over 100 replies — a thread full of the best Minnesota doggos you ever did see!

I highly recommend treating yourself to a good long scroll so you can marvel at all the stylish pups.

Snowy pups.

And oh jeeze, this pup!

That being said, the account has yet to retweet my dog’s photo. Even though I was one of the very first to reply. But it’s OK… it’s fine.

Update: I finally got my retweet! My night is officially made and I can now leave being indignant to the professionals.

For those out there who still haven’t seen their pup retweeted, don’t worry: