A reporter with a cellphone and Facebook gets stuck supplies to Puerto Ricans

A radio station’s report and video uncovering truckloads of donated goods for the people still suffering the effects of Hurricane Maria is getting some attention from the authorities who apparently let them sit.

The video showed truckloads of supplies that could be used, but obviously aren’t.

This is where CBS News’ David Begnaud stepped in. Begnaud, who’s won several awards as one of the few journalists still covering the disaster, went to the scene.

Then he provided a fine example of how “broadcast journalism” works in 2018. It’s a reporter in a hotel room, holding video he shot on his cellphone. (See video)

A few minutes after Begnaud’s Facebook broadcast, the authorities in charge put out a statement that the goods in the trailers were scheduled to be distributed in the next few days.

Begnaud wasn’t buying it.

This week the government acknowledged that more than 1,400 people died in Puerto Rico from the hurricane. Up until this week, it had insisted only 64 died.