The dreamers among us

I gave a kid a ride in the rain last night from West St. Paul to St. Paul’s east side, where he’s staying until he can get a place of his own.

He’s new to Minnesota, he said. He moved here from Mississippi after getting a degree in business from Ole Miss.

His family is back there. He’s here.


“The people I knew back there didn’t have any dreams,” he said.

He had dreams and he heard Minnesota was the land of opportunity.

So here he is, finding out if it’s true, knowing that if he continues to think positively, good things will happen. That’s what he thinks, anyway. We’ll see.

Folks are going to want to pick apart this ad, released today by Nike, because Colin Kaepernick is in it and that makes them see red.

I see confirmation that maybe the kid who needed a ride is right.

(h/t: Paul Tosto)