After collision, Wisconsin driver takes owl for a ride

We feel you, owl. We’ve had these types of days too.

It flew into the grill of a car — or the car flew into it, depending on your allegiances — in southern Trempealeau County over the weekend and the driver didn’t bother stopping, figuring it was dead. He planned to deal with the carcass in the light of the next morning if he had to, the Eau Claire Leader Telegram says.

But in the morning light, he didn’t find a carcass. He found a living owl.

“I cannot tell you how he got in there like that,” conservationn officer Meghan Jensen told the paper.

All signs point to the car.

“Miraculously, he didn’t appear to have any bones or wings broken,” Jensen said. “I don’t think too many critters can say they survived a ride like that.”

Jensen and the driver removed part of the grill and prying the owl free. It tried to fly away but they took it to the Humane Society for a check-up first. No injuries were detected

A wildlife specialist says she’s seen three similar cases in the last week.