A lesson in friendship from Stillwater

No surprise here: Monday’s daily dose of sweetness comes from KARE 11’s Boyd Huppert, whose latest story profiles the friendship between a couple of kids at Stillwater High School.

Trey Kruse and Adam Potter became friends in elementary school after Adam’s family moved to Minnesota from Nevada, where, his parents say, he never had a friend. He has autism.

“It’s not easy to form a relationship with a kid with autism,” Lisa Potter says. Yet, from the start, Trey instinctively seemed to know how to bridge the gap with Adam.

The boys’ sixth grade teacher, Andrew Jurek, saw it time and time again. “Adam would sometimes have meltdowns in the middle of school – sometimes he would have a hard day – and when we heard that, we would find Trey, we’d page Trey Kruse.

“Trey would grab the back of his neck and they would just go cheek to cheek and they would just touch each other, and just doing that would just calm Adam down,” the teacher said. “Trey can just – however he knows – he can just feel and sense what Adam needs and then Adam will respond.”

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Posted by KARE 11 on Sunday, November 4, 2018