Former players say Packers coach punished poor play with lousy hotels

We’re not necessarily buying the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s anecdotes about Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy’s alleged technique of giving his team worse and worse hotels on the road when they don’t win.

The article is based on a series of tweets from former players detailing the hotels the team stayed in when playing badly.

We find the story suspect while acknowledging that perhaps McCarthy has changed his ways. First of all: it’s Jacksonville, Fla., in all of the anecdotes. Jacksonville.

And second: the Packers, who lost to the Vikings at the People’s Stadium on Sunday night, haven’t won on the road since Dec. 10, 2017, and by the time they get their next chance, it will be at least a full year since they won a road game.

Where did they stay in the Twin Cities over the weekend?

The Westin at the Galleria Edina. At $400 a night, it’s not exactly the Motel 6.