Ho, Ho, Hum. No Starbucks controversy this Christmas

The nation is on the precipice of having nothing left to complain about now that Starbucks has negated the annual backlash against its decision to take the Christmas and winter theme out of its holiday cups.

It’s putting Christmas and winter back in the design.

Everybody happy and united now?

Of course, Starbucks doesn’t mention the annual kerfuffle in its press release.

Stores will transform with festive and warm trim and décor, Starbucks baristas will proudly wear their red aprons, customers can sip their favorite seasonal beverages from holiday cups, shop for Christmas Blend whole bean coffees and beautiful, giftable Starbucks Cards and merchandise.

Last year, Starbucks design showed two people holding hands, which stirred up the usual suspects.

This year, no holding hands.

“We listened to our customers,” chief operating officer Roz Brewer said. “They said they ‘loved the tradition of Christmas.’”