Kitten takes 80-mile ride under the hood

Maybe it’s time we start checking under the hood before taking trips in the car. There might be a mouse in there. Or a cat. Or a beaver.

Kenzie Holm of Grand Forks, N.D., learned that when she drove from Oklee, Minn., to Grand Forks on Sunday night — about 80 miles — with a kitten hanging on in the engine compartment.

Not that she knew that at the time, mind you. It wasn’t until her husband took her car in for an oil change that the kitten was discovered, the Alexandria Echo Press says.

“I don’t know how it made it all the way,” she said. “We were going down (U.S.) Highway 2, and the speed limit there is 65 mph.”

Cordeau Sapp, down at the oil-change place, did the honors of pulling the kitten out.

“Last year, we had to call animal control for a beaver that was stuck in a car,” he said.

He reported the kitten was “pretty well spooked.”

It’s now living with one of the shop’s cashiers.

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