Question of affair surfaces in Senser trial

The Amy Senser trial certainly took an interesting — and confusing — turn today when prosecutor Deborah Russell tried to challenge Joe Senser’s claim that his wife never lied to him.

Mrs. Senser is on trial for the hit-and-run death last year of Anousone Phanthavong.

According to the Star Tribune, this is the exchange between Russell and Mr. Senser:

“Not about having affairs with other men?” she asked.

Senser testified that he’d never asked her about affairs.

“Did you catch her in inapprorpriate relationships with other men?” she asked.


News of any affair hasn’t entered into any documents or statements surrounding the accident.

MPR’s Brandt Williams, who’s covering the trial, says Senser’s attorney did not object to the question, and there was no indication why the line of questioning surfaced.

Do any lawyers in the audience want to provide some analysis of what this is all about and the possible strategy?