Minnesota’s Dunkin’ deed is done

We interrupt lesser news for this breaking story, decades in the making.

The reappearance of Dunkin’ Donuts in Minnesota is no longer theoretical.

The Rochester Post-Bulletin reports a deal has been struck for a Dunkin’ across the street from the Mayo Clinic, naturally. It’s not yet known, though, who’s putting up the big money the franchise requires:

This could be the first of an estimated 50 Minnesota locations the company would like to open in the next few years. Dunkin’ Donuts hasn’t had a presence in Minnesota for almost a decade. The final shop, which was in Austin, closed in 2005. The Canton, Mass.-based Dunkin’ Brands announced its plans to return to the state earlier this month.

At that time, Steve Rafferty, senior director of U.S. franchising, stated that the new locations would be focused around the Twin Cities metro areas as well as Rochester, Mankato and Duluth.

Rafferty said franchisees need to have a minimum of $250,000 in “liquid capital” and $50,000 net worth per location. Each franchisee is responsible for a territory with at least six locations.

Rochester’s franchisee, Donuts Non Traditional LLC, incorporated in October. While Thomas describes it as being based in the Twin Cities, state documents list its address as the same as Rochester’s Dunlap & Seeger law firm. It’s not unusual for some companies to use their attorneys’ address for such filings. Dunlap & Seeger also represents Kahler Hotel properties.

The store, which will be a cafe-style operation, will open in the summer, the newspaper reports.