Deemed racially insensitive, David Ortiz bobbleheads sent back

Bobbleheads have been a “thing” for a couple of decades now with little sign that their popularity is ebbing, but we are still waiting for the first bobblehead that actually looks like the person it intends to portray.

Does this look like David Ortiz?

The Boston Red Sox didn’t think so, calling it “racially insensitive.” So it canceled the planned 15,000 bobblehead giveaway last night when the team played the rival New York Yankees.

“My gut feeling was if I have that negative reaction then our fans may as well,” team president Sam Kennedy told the Associated Press. “We just made the decision to scrap the whole thing. We apologize to everyone tonight and will make it up to fans.”

The bobblehead was meant to commemorate this moment: When Ortiz dropped an “F bomb” at the team’s first game after the attacks at the Boston Marathon.

Compare and contrast man to bobblehead.

“That’s supposed to be me?” Ortiz told the Boston Globe, then dropping another obscenity and saying he agreed with the team’s decision.