Has Chris Ingraham found the real Minnesota?

In his piece on KARE 11 last night, Boyd Huppert visited Chris Ingraham, the Washington Post reporter who has become a lab rat of sorts for the great experiment of moving here to find happiness and a welcoming world.

Things seem to be going so well for Ingraham that we’re starting to wonder whether things would be the same if he weren’t a celebrity, if he hadn’t once called Red Lake Falls the “absolute worst place to live in America”, whether the people hadn’t invited him to see it firsthand, and whether his decision to move his family to the community hadn’t been so widely publicized?

“People just drop by to say hello,” Ingraham tells Huppert. “That doesn’t happen on the East Coast.”

That doesn’t even happen in Minnesota, from what we’ve heard tell over the years.

(Video link)

Ingraham was wrong about his assessment of Red Lake Falls in his original Washington Post story. But here’s the question, particularly for other transplants in rural Minnesota: Has he found the real one now?

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