Golfers to show a little leg

Avert your eyes, golf purists.

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The PGA is going to allow its golfers to wear shorts, it was announced this week.

The golf association isn’t going whole hog on the idea, however. It will still require its players to wear full pants when playing non practice rounds.

“‘This is my job, my occupation. And we lend ourselves to corporate America, which doesn’t go to work in shorts,” golfer Jim Furyk said. On the other hand, the PGA championship this year will be played in 90-degree weather, most likely.

What’s next, though? Collarless shirts? Sneakers?

“I’ve never understood the objection to shorts in pro golf. Are they really so bad? Is the male leg that objectionable?” the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay asks in a column today. ” Are there people within the sport who believe that legalizing shorts is a slippery slope, one that will lead to untucked shirts in golf, then collarless shirts in golf, and then shirtlessness in golf, and then Speedos in golf, thongs in golf, and then, eventually, nude golf?”


“Historically, and sometimes pathetically, golf has taken forever to catch up to the rest of society, but you can’t stop this march of progress: Shorts are coming, people,” he warns. “Maybe not cargo shorts. I think we’ll see legal marijuana on the PGA Tour before legal cargo shorts. It’s a shame, but I can hold my keys and half-eaten turkey sandwich in my bag, and return the box turtle peacefully to the wild.”