Canada to Mexico by covered wagon

We have a fondness for people who try to travel from one end of the country to the other just because they can.

Take Scott Schlepp, of Ashley, N.D., who bought a couple of draft horses to get a better view of things. This is his view:

Posted by Scott Schlepp on Friday, August 10, 2018

Schlepp is driving a team of horses in his covered wagon, launching from the Canadian border en route to Brownsville, Texas.

He figures it’ll take five months and cover 2,000 miles and he’s on his own. His wife couldn’t make the trip so he uses a camper and a four-wheeler on the trip. He’ll tie up the horses and wagon, drive the camper 10-miles ahead, take the four-wheeler back to the horses, and start driving. If he repeats that about 200 more times, he’ll be in Texas. Maybe.


He watched a TV show once about cowboys who trained wild mustangs and rode them from Mexico to Canada and wondered whether anyone had ever done that with a wagon and a team of horses.

“It’s sort of a love of mine,” he tells Forum Communications.

Dutchess, 9, and Duke, 10, are his only companions, save for the friendly people he’s meeting along the way.

A few people jump on for a ride, which Schlepp appreciates “because it’s a little lonely on the ride.”

Yesterday, he made it to Streeter, N.D., just below I-94. Over the weekend he camped out in a cemetery.

He figured it’ll cost about $200,000 for the trip, although his GoFundMe campaign raised only $350.

But he started out on the journey anyway. Because he can.