Bob McDonald, it’s safe to say, never got rich in basketball; at least where money is concerned. And he probably hasn’t gotten the attention that young high schoolers have received. But he must have gotten something out of it because he’s been the head basketball coach in Chisholm, McGregor, and Barnum for nearly 60 years. He’ll get his 1,000th win sometime this season, which opens next Friday. Read more

I first met John Michael in 1999, after I moved into the house across the street from him in St. Paul’s Highland Park neighborhood. I was coming home from a meeting one night, and the power was out on our block. Everything was pitch black – except John Michael and Chad’s home, which was as brightly lit up as if the power was still on. I knocked on the door, and this gregarious man opened the door, warmly welcoming me to a small cozy living room lit up by what seemed like dozens of candelabras. Typical John Michael – who needs power when you have candelabras? Read more