Commercial radio and TV will probably die off when the :15 and :30 second advertisement does. One gets the sense that the day is approaching, considering advertising’s growing fascination with docu-ads, entertaining films that, at the end, sell you something.

The latest comes from Cornetto, a U.K. ice cream company, which has taken 8 minutes to tell you that more than just the world of advertising is changing in a hurry. Read more

We’re not sure we’re ready for this yet. The Minnesota Lynx have removed the name from the jerseys. We knew it was coming when they signed a marketing deal with the Mayo Clinic, but we like this… Over this… Media Day @minnesotalynx @twin1532 @janelmccarville @Lindsay_13 @seimoneaugustus @mooremaya. #LosLynx #Champions — David Sherman (@David_Sherman) May Read more